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Bohman-Knäpper Gallery / Stockholm
OraOra Gallery / Hong Kong
Thomassen Gallery / Gothenburg

  • The Royal Institute of Art’s, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Master Programme In Fine Arts 1997-2002
  • Pernbys Målarskola, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Preparational art school 1996-1997
  • TS- college of advanced technology, Turku Finland
  • 1 Year proffesional training in layout, repro teqniques, print preparation and printing technologies 1988-1989
  • Juhannuskukkula Trade school, Turku Finland
  • 3 Year Further Qualification in Printing Surface Preparation 1985-1988

Art Basel HK, OraOra Gallery, Hong Kong  2019

Taipei Dangdai, OraOra Gallery, Taiwan 2019

New works, Teatergrillen, Stockholm  2018

ART021, OraOra Gallery, Shanghai  2018

RGB Ground, Dusty Deco, Palma Mallorca  2018

Black:Regategorize, OraOra Gallery, Hong Kong  2018

Amplified, OraOra Gallery, Hong Kong  2018

Two way ahead, Hanasaari Gallery, Helsinki  2018

Art Basel HK, OraOra Gallery, Hong Kong  2018

Summer Show, Bohman Knäpper Gallery, Stockholm 2017

WENDY, am-hawerkamp, Munster Germany 2017

A lot a lot, Galleri Thomassen, Göteborg  2017

Mono & Duo chromes, Galleri Thomassen, Göteborg  2017

RGB JORD, Lars Bohman Gallery, Stockholm  2016

Group show, Galleri Thomassen, Göteborg  2016

Gimme Shelter, Lars Bohman Gallery, Stockholm  2015

Group show, Galleri Thomassen, Göteborg  2015

Vinternatt, Lars Bohman Gallery, Stockholm 2014

Panorama, Lars Bohman Gallery, Stockholm 2013

Illusion Futile, (with Fredrik Brånstad and Ulrik Samuelsson) Konsthallen Hishult,  2012

Power and Light, am-hawerkamp, Munster Germany 2011

Angelika Knäpper Gallery, (with Erik Jeor and Hans Andersson) Stockholm 2011

Art Helsink, Helsinki Finland 2010

Streching mind and space, Angelika Knäpper Gallery, Stockholm 2010

Blazing Branches, Angelika Knäpper Gallery, Stockholm 2009

Från Plats till Plats, Skissernas Museum, Lund  2009

Arvet, Konstnärshuset, Stockholm 2008

Utopia Deluxe, Gotlands konstmuseum Visby 2007

Utopia Deluxe, Nacka konsthall Stockholm 2007

Fort Knox, Galleri Knäpper+Baumgarten, Stockholm 2005

ArtNow, Köln Germany 2005

Two Installations, Galleri Knäpper+Baumgarten, Stockholm 2004

Ivor to Ebon, CIK, Knivsta  2018-2019

La divina commedia, Central Station, Stockholm  2015-2017

Red to Gold & Green to Lilac, Kiruna Municipality 2017

Gold to Green, Gothenburg Municipality 2017

Mosaik, Region Västra Götaland 2015

IKB Ground, IF headquarters, Stockholm 2014

Fort Knox, District Court, Gotland 2013

Green to Lilac, Public Art Agency, Sweden 2011

GOT, Region Of Gotland, Hemse Folk High School, Sweden 2010

Factory Girls, Public Art Agency Sweden, Swedish Work Environment Authority 2009

Gold to Green, Green to Lilac, Public Art Agency, Government Offices of Sweden, Stockholm 2009

Troja, Public Art Agency, Sweden. Swedish Exhibition Agency, Swedish National Heritage Board 2008

Fort Knox, Region Of Gotland, Culture and Recreation Office 2007

Fort Knox, Public Art Agency Sweden, The Swedish Prison and Probation Service 2007

LYX, Region Of Gotland, Visby Hospital 2007